Musculoskeletal Boot Camp

The MSK Boot Camp provides support to Junior Faculty by providing mentorship on grantsmanship, including writing skills, collecting preliminary data, and understanding the NIH review process. he MSK Boot Camp is modeled after the UM Medical School R01 Boot Camp in that a junior faculty is paired with 3 musculoskeletal experts to provide guidance during the grant development process. Dr. Renny Franceschi ( forms an expert panel from a group of volunteer musculoskeletal investigators with grant success and reviewing-experience as well as a record of mentorship. The program involves monthly meetings with the following schedule: months 1-4 are spent developing the Specific Aims and learning about the NIH extramural grant system including information on relevant study sections; months 5-6 are spent writing the significance and innovation sections; months 7-10 are spent writing the Research Plan. Faculty mentors review the completed grant and also provide guidance on responding to critiques for a resubmission, should that be necessary.

To initiate a Boot Camp, a Junior Faculty member simply contacts and meets with Dr. Franceschi ( who then forms a panel by contacting members from a group of musculoskeletal investigators who volunteered for this service and that have the expertise to provide meaningful mentorship. Junior faculty interested in participating in this program must already have a draft proposal for review and request to participate in the program at least 10 months before their grant submission deadline.

Pre-Reviews of Grants

The MiMHC will support the pre-review of grants being submitted by P30 members.