Research Cores

To accomplish our goals and to continue creating a robust and sustainable impact on the musculoskeletal community, the research cores will provide:

  • Expertise and guidance on the best use of technologies and experimental design to allow investigators to conduct specialized experiments for quantifying structure and composition across length scales.

  • Expert use, standardization, and training in state-of-the-art technologies to quantify structure and composition across physiological length scales.

  • Expertise and scientific guidance on data analysis, interpretation of results and recommendations for future studies.

  • Expand opportunities for our research community through innovation and development of enabling technologies, education, training, and enrichment.

The MiMHC supports three resource cores:

  • Structure, Composition & Histology Core

    • This core includes micro/nanoComputed Tomography, Raman spectroscopy, plastic and paraffin embedding, access to specialized equipment for sectioning and staining

  • Function Core

    • This core includes physiological testing, microsurgery models, muscle mechanics, tendon testing, bone testing, custom fabrication/machining, fracture healing/surgical models

  • Integrative Data Analytics Core

    • This core includes imaging data analysis, Omics data analysis, statistical assessment of biological and biomedical data and integrative machine learning

For more information on MiMHC, the services from the various cores and prices, please download and read the MiMHC Core Services Handbook.